The core belief of Dreavia Healthcare Services is patient safety and wellbeing. To this end, Dreavia Hemodialysis offers its high quality dialysis services to renal patients in a professional and caring environment equipped with the highest standards from equipment point of view.

Dreavia Healthcare Services division cares about the safety of patients and therefore ensures that all necessary precautionary measures are being taken responsibly to this direction:

Central oxygen supply available to each dialysis position

Electricity generator in case of power failure

Dreavia serves patients positive in hepatitis B in separate room with separate dialysis machines and patients positive in hepatitis C in separate machines

Dreavia cannot serve patients positive in HIV

Patients have the opportunity to choose between bed and chair for their dialysis. Each dialysis post is equipped with a personal phone to facilitate communication each patient and headsets to facilitate watching TV. Further, each post is provided with a power supply so as to help the placement of any electronic device. The secretarial staff are available to any patient confidentially. Patients can take advantage of their time during hemodialysis either for relaxation or to carry out their professional obligations.


Safety and responsibility

The management of Dreavia faced with rigor and seriousness of the issues of safety and quality of services provided to patients:

Strict quality controls at each operation of all departments units.

High cleaning and disinfection levels.

Absolute silence in the dialysis room.

The nephrologists of Dreavia stand by the patients’ side during each shift and remain available to any patient 24 hours a day for a simple advice or to address an emergency. The nursing staff of the unit was selected based on strict criteria and has extensive experience in dialysis. Moreover, the entire nursing staff monitor theoretical and practical seminars organized by the unit.



Dreavia ensures top level medical services using 30 dialysis machines FRESENIUS.
It features water processor with reverse osmosis system.

Uses Low flux and high flux dialysis filters polysulfone exclusively family Fresenius.

Bicarbonate dialysis solutions.

Sterilization machine after every shift.

It guarantees high quality dialysis services under the seal of Dreavia and FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE.